22 March 2009

Spring Break is over

Time for the (short) haul to May 24th. I can't believe there are only 9 weeks left of school. Absolute insanity. I don't really understand what happens with the space-time continuum, but after I finished school, it was definitely interupted because I am definitely experiencing time dialation.  Last year was a blur and this year has been even worse.

I had a good break by doing some work in my kitchen (just paint) and just enjoying spending time with my @mishelleyb. She and I watched a ton of movies, did some shopping, and enjoyed each other's company.  It was great!

Now its time to think about work again. Time to get serious about the wiki. Time to get serious about preparing for the AP exam and plan some study sessions. Time to enjoy students again. Time to try to get students excited about Physics. I am going to plan a trip to a local amusement park next month. What better way to get them interested in physics than go to an amusement park? Should be fun.

Last, and certainly least, time to turn 40 next week. Yuck.

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