23 July 2007

it's been a while

Since I have blogged on here. So here goes...

This past weekend our youth pastor, Jeff Smith, brought a wonderful message at Northview. It was the "gospel according to U2". It was part of a continuing series entitled (strangely enough) "The Gospel Acccording to". It really had an impact on me. In the words of Bono, the lead singer of U2, "Africa is bursting into flames and we are all standing around with a water bucket". Basically, what am I doing with my time to help others? Not how am I witnessing to others, not how am I influencing others, but how am I helping others? The Church of the Nazarene was built on the basic precepts of what many might call Social Justice. That name always sounded strange to me until this weekend. I am better able to understand just what that means and I am beginning to understand more fully what that should look like in my life. I need to reassess my priorities and look for a way to help someone. That may mean I lose some of my "personal" time, but I think the reward will be worth the "sacrifice". Thanks Jeff for letting God use you as an instrument to speak to me.