07 April 2007

Another week down, only 4 to go

Another week has passed and they seem to go by faster as we approach the end of the semester. I am really having a hard time getting motivated. I think I may have a touch of senioritis. Pretty bad when you are as old as I am and still have some self discipline issues. I will be doing some studying this weekend for my Physics test, even though I have family in town. I have a paper to finish for MCS and some posting to do for that as well on the discussion board. It still chaps my hide that I even have to do MCS while I am student teaching, it's a huge pain in my backside and shouldn't have ever been an issue.

Church seems to take more and more of my weekends so I am really working hard during the week. That's actually a nice change of pace, usually I put everything off until the weekend. I think I need to take a class in time management.

03 April 2007

Thoughts about the Nature of Science

In science, "fact" can only mean "confirmed to such a degree that it would be perverse to withhold provisional assent." I suppose that apples might start to rise tomorrow, but the possibility does not merit equal time in physics classrooms. ~Stephen Jay Gould
Does anyone find it interesting that most people are never really taught what a fact truly is? Or how important it is in Science? I think that Science Education has failed in it's mission to teach people the true nature of science. If you ask anyone other than a science major what a theory is, the would say something akin to a "wild-ass guess". Many people have misconceptions about what theories, laws, and facts truly are. A travesty, that's what that is...

Long Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I got home about 17:30. Now that may not be interesting, but when you consider the fact that I used to get home about two hours earlier, it was a long day. I went in early for a physical science meeting. It was worthless, but interesting nonetheless. I was able to work some on a lab with Lesa for almost two hours after school. We wrote an activity in which the students will graph (using Excel) their data from a rocket lab we did today. That may not seem like a big deal, but it is since most of these kids have never used the program in which they will be working. We worked hard with pictures and detailed instructions for the students. A big part of science is being able to follow instructions. Part of their grade will come from their ability to follow and understand our explicit directions.
It was an interesting day in that I was able to be involved more with the students, not to mention the fact that my rocket went further and fast than any of the student's rockets. :) I guess I am smarter than my students!
I still believe that the High School is where I should be. I hope to get the Physics job at PCO. The guy currently teaching Physics was observed by his University Supervisor/Mentor. He said it went well, but everyone is telling me that the reason the Physics job is open is because of the performance of the current teacher. Interesting...I hope I don't screw up too badly. I think anything short of that will go a long way toward getting me into that position. It helps to talk about this. I really want the job, but I am worried that I won't get it; so putting it into words helps me to process it in my brain.

01 April 2007

Sunday morning thoughts...

Here it is, one week into my first assignment and I have nothing done. I have learned that I really need to learn to manage my time better. That is one skill that I really have a lot of trouble putting into practice in my life. That said, I think I will waste a little more time and write.

High school: Wow! What a departure from teaching at the middle school. I really enjoy the high kids more than the younger ones. It's the same kids, in fact some of my Cooper kids have brothers and sisters in my high school classes. So, it's simply an age thing.

Job search: I may actually have a shot at a physics job at PC. There is a position there and I have an advantage since I am student teaching there right now. There is also a physical science job opening there. While that is not as desirable, at least I would be at PC High. I have also applied for the Director of Transportation position with Putnam City. That job is a 12 month position, but it's a lot more money. I would rather teach, but money speaks quite loudly to me right now.

Physics study: I haven't actually started studying for my OSAT, yet. I still have 3 weeks, so plenty of time there.

Church: What can I say. I am really struggling with my attitude right now. I still love what I get from God there, but I have really had a difficult time with my attitude about ministry. There are people who don't value my ministry the way I do (understandable, they have other priorities) and that causes problems when I feel they do not respect activities I plan, nor do they treat me with the respect I think I should be accorded. Obviously, I have a problem with me, not with someone else. I cannot control what others do, I can only control how I react to what others do. What an important lesson! God holds me accountable for the latter; He holds them accountable for the former. I am excited about what God is going to accomplish in our ministry next year. I am simply trying to learn as much about college ministry this year and make next year better than ever. I think we are in a rebuilding stage, so it's hard to judge our success or failure. I take it a week at a time.

NAACP: No, not that NAACP! I am talking about the Northwest Area Association of College Pastors. This is a new ministry for other college ministries. I am going to try to organize something and kick this off by the end of the semester. I have so much going, I'm not sure I will be able to accomplish anything before then, but God has certainly nudged me in this direction and I am going to follow His leading in this area.