12 February 2007

What a terrible day...

What is the deal? Was it a full moon last night? Those seventh graders were insane today! Every class, even the ones we don't normally have trouble with, were crazy. They would not sit down, they would not be quiet, they would not stay on task for more than a minute or two. I really don't know what it was today, but there was something strange going on.

So, how is my student teaching going you ask? About the same. I am in observation hell. I haven't done anything in front of the class to speak of. I got up today because the teacher was called out of the room on an emergency at a time when she was actually "teaching". I simply stood up and took over. When she came back in, and I had a moment to stop, she took over again. It's the strangest thing. I almost think she doesn't want me to teach in her room. Maybe she is weirded out by me being in the room? Maybe she lost her groove? Maybe I have interrupted the space time continuum? I don't know! And frankly I am beyond asking myself the question anymore. It's pointless. Why stress over something I have absolutely zero control over?

So, does that answer your question about how my student teaching is going?

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