14 April 2009


Why do we make our lives so busy? We, as humans, constantly put ourselves in positions in which we have deadlines, tasks, and Lord knows what else going on in our lives. I say all of that as I sit here contemplating as few things: starting my master's, cooking pork for 350 people for a dinner next Thursday night, working on a proposal for a class to teach to my peers which would be maybe 2 nights during the summer (of course I still have to develop the class), and possibly doing research for 8 weeks this summer. This AFTER I have already committed to working at the local dirt track on Friday nights until October. So, do I NEED to commit to more time away from family? Granted, I am not getting any younger and I did set a goal of having my master's done before both kids are out of high school (that is just 3 short years away).  So I guess my question is this: should I do it? ANY of it?

I am excited about all of the prospects that are before me, I just have to ask myself: "Where do I draw the line?"

Thanks for reading.

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