27 May 2009

Summer? Yeah, right.

Here we are on the 3rd weekday of my summer vacation and I have only vacationed on one of them! What in the world is wrong with me? I was so excited to be without students and be at home and here I am working. I even woke up early this morning and came in before anyone else. (yes, there are other "severely dedicated" teachers who are still working hard to either finish up this year or prepare for next year. The latter is that thing to which I attribute my insanity...next year. Both years of teaching have left me wanting more for my students. I get bogged down in the middle of the semesters, but can't stop thinking about next year, even on the day after school is out.

I am teaching a technology class to some other teachers and it just hit me last night: we are scheduled for 6 hours of instruction time. How do I fill that up? Do I have enough information to keep other teachers engaged for that long? I am going to teach them what little bit I know about Wikis, Blogs, and Discussion Boards. My plan is for each one to have one of each of these educational tools set up and working. Maybe I should rethink my question: How am I going to fit all of that into six short hours?

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