17 June 2009

Back to the Moon!

Here we go. Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, NASA is RETURNING to the Moon. Now I say returning because there are many conspiracy theorists out there who "believe" we've never been to the Moon. A couple of problems with that:

  1. All of the conspiracies are based on a mis-interpretation of facts and faulty logic. I won't get into those things here, but feel free to look around and see what you find, you can start here.

  2. The other problem here is that word "believe". There's no room in science for belief. A belief in anything conotates some kind of faith. I believe in God. I believe He created the Earth. I DO NOT believe in Evolution. I ACCEPT Evolution. I see evidence for it and I accept that evidence. I don't believe in anything in science. There is either evidence for something or evidence to refute it.

So all of that to say, conspiracy theorists are about to have to shut up. Why, you say? Because tomorrow, there is a rocket launching with the LRO (Lunar Reconnasiance Orbiter). This little gem is going to orbit about 31 miles above the surface of the Moon. That means, with the optics on modern space vehicles, the LRO will be able to resolve objects smaller than about 1.5 feet. So, anything left behind by the earlier lunar missions will be able to be seen. As soon as those images come back, the conspriacy folks will have to clam up. So NASA, be sure we get those images!

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