16 August 2009

concerning the upcoming school year

This week is a special time of year. I am nervous, excited, and a little bit giddy. Classes start at Putnam City High School this week. I have learned to enjoy the anticipation of the start of school over the last two years. I get to the point of not being able to think about much other than school.

I am going to be doing some technology training this week with teachers in our building, so that has done a good job of keeping my brain occupied with other stuff. But now the week is nearly here! Its almost time to begin working with the most amazing students ever to walk the hallowed halls of Putnam City. My Pirate Time students will all be seniors, so that makes it even more exciting!

I have done a wiki with my students in the past. However, this year, I am going to be teaching a section of Earth Science, as well as my regular schedule of Physics I and Pre-AP Physics I. I found a great blog post today about using a wiki in a history classroom. He is working on getting his students to think critically when they write. What a terrific concept! I am trying to figure out how to adapt that to my classroom. I am also trying to decide what to do about using the wiki in my Earth Science classroom. I'm just not sure exactly what direction to go with it. Its really easy to have students choose a famous physicist and write about them, but Earth Science? I'm stumped. If you have ideas on how I can improve the current assignment for Physics or adapt it to fit Earth Science, I'd love to hear about it!

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