21 April 2011

Student Engagement vs. Teacher Engagement

One of the issues I've been struggling with over the last month or so is student engagement. However, at this time of year, I think it only fitting that we ask the question, is student engagement related to teacher engagement? Are my students less engaged as a result of something I am doing? Am I really giving 100% to ensure that students are learning at the highest level? I recognize students bear a significant responsibility to meet me in the middle and engage in the learning process. But what if they feel they are having to walk the extra mile to make that happen? What if they feel that we are so distracted by testing that they refuse to even get on the dance floor?

I'm fascinated by the idea that we are in a relationship with our students. We have a responsibility to design lessons that will draw students out, to give them some cognitive dissonance, and challenge what they have been taught and think they believe. Some students will not even pick up the bat, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't give them a little bit of chatter from the outfield.

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