04 March 2007

Another week already?

Here it is the last week of my assignment. Another week gone and nothing to show for it here on my blog. Pretty sad. I have not kept up with this at all the way I wanted to. I taught all week long and it was the most rewarding, tiring, exhilarating week of my life. To see the kids actually get interested in something we were talking about was so fulfilling! We started space on Wednesday and I began by introducing them to some things I think are important to remember. The other teachers liked it so much they wanted all of the seventh graders to hear it, so I taught each team for three successive days. It was awesome to share some of my passion about astronomy and help them realize they can all do it! They were very receptive to what I had to say and were engaged in asking questions and understanding things they already knew a little about. It was great! I am so looking forward to the high school and a dedicated astronomy class. I can hardly wait to get in the room with some upperclassmen who really want to learn about the universe. It promises to be a major challenge with equal rewards.

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