26 March 2007

My first day in High School...

No, I don't mean I am attending High School for the first time, I started my student teaching at Putnam City High School today. I think I am really going to enjoy the older kids more than those 7th graders. While these kids will not be without difficulty, things simply seemed to be more laid back and low key than with the younger ones. It's amazing just how much they change in 3-4 years. The maturity level is truly different. I'm not sure I remember my 9th grade time as being that mature, but these guys (even the difficult ones) are much better than what I experienced in my first assignment.

The really sorry thing about this is now I have to learn the names and personalities and home lives of a whole new set of students. While that is not an impossible task, it certainly is not an enjoyable one. I am still looking forward to my own classroom where I have the same kids for at least one semester.

So, I am no longer a Cooper Cougar, I am now officially a Putnam City Pirate! Hopefully for longer than just this 6 week assignment. I would love to work there.

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