07 April 2007

Another week down, only 4 to go

Another week has passed and they seem to go by faster as we approach the end of the semester. I am really having a hard time getting motivated. I think I may have a touch of senioritis. Pretty bad when you are as old as I am and still have some self discipline issues. I will be doing some studying this weekend for my Physics test, even though I have family in town. I have a paper to finish for MCS and some posting to do for that as well on the discussion board. It still chaps my hide that I even have to do MCS while I am student teaching, it's a huge pain in my backside and shouldn't have ever been an issue.

Church seems to take more and more of my weekends so I am really working hard during the week. That's actually a nice change of pace, usually I put everything off until the weekend. I think I need to take a class in time management.

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