21 May 2007

Catching up

Wow, so much to say and so little bandwidth to do it with. Here's the straight skinny. I graduated and my brother in law is now married. That pretty much sums up the last two weeks. Man has it been a crazy ride. I am so tired. I have slept a big part of today just to try and catch up. We had ceremonies, we had parties, we ate, and we visited. It was really a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of me and my brother. I am the one in the graduation gown, not the one in the master's jacket...:)

Here is another of me pitching some horseshoes. I mean, what's more fun than that?

So tomorrow I go for a formal interview at Putnam City Original High School. I hope to have secured a job after the interview. All they keep telling me is pass those tests and you have a job, so I passed the tests, let's see if they come through with the job.

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