22 May 2007


Well, here it is Tuesday already and the week is well underway. I went to Putnam City Original today to interview for the Physics job there. It was a pretty easy interview. I had prepared for something a little more intense, but was not disappointed when it was simply a discussion with a few questions I needed to answer. I had even done some research over a particular theorist which one of the vice principals is quite fond. I brushed up on my "Marzano's High Yield Strategies" before going in, only to not be asked any questions at all about it. No biggie. I simply rolled with whatever they threw at me and answered what they asked. Overall, I think it went good. I hope to hear something by the end of the week about a job. I doubt it will be a problem, but I won't count my chickens before an egg is even laid. It was a good day. Hopefully tomorrow will be as good.

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