14 June 2008

Here I am again months later and no more information. But wow have I learned a lot in the last few months.

Teaching has been awesome and I have really found my niche.

I have spent the last two weeks at Oklahoma State University studying High Energy Physics through a program called quarknet. It has been tremendous and difficult all at the same time. I learned some really good things about the Nature of Science and feel that I am beginning to come to an understanding about that particular facet of my teaching journey. Not to say that I am a pro, but at least I am making progress.

As an update, I was rehired on a permanent contract at PC High this year. I was really excited to be able to tell my family that I had been successful this year and was going to continue there.

I have started a Physics and Astronomy club at PC High. It will probably begin to revolve most around the cosmic ray detector and the 12 inch telescope. I hope to generate some real interest and start doing some activities in which the kids might be interested.

We shall see.

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