20 January 2009

A historic day

Wow. What a day. I have truly witnessed history today. I watched this nation's first african-american president inaugurated into the office of President. This just 40 very short years after the nation's witnessed the assassination of a great Civil Rights leader. I know there are many who are what I would call cynical about President Obama's views, but I am supportive of something different. My political views have definitely mellowed over the last several years and I think the previous administration had something to do with that. I still appreciate some of the views of the Republican party, but I am ready for things to be different than what they are right now. That might have happened with McCain, but I am not sad we are looking at a black man as our leader. Nothing at all wrong with that.

I am personally excited about our future. Let's enjoy this time of cooperation between all races while it lasts.

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