06 February 2009

Students leaving my class

I have worried about students who leave my class. I wonder if they are going to "embarrass" me by not knowing anything when they get to college. I wonder if they are going to go somewhere and talk about how they didn't learn anything in my class. I mean what if I am just the "fun class" and they only had fun but didn't actually take anything other than fun memories?

The English Teacher has helped me to realize that no matter what kids do in my class, no matter what grade they get, I know that I am grading them in a fair, objective manner and what they do after they leave my class doesn't matter. They achieved in my class, or not, and they earned what they earned. They go out of my class and reflect on themselves, not on me. My favorite quote of myself about kids is "I can lead those kids to the water, but I can't dunk their heads in it. I'm afraid if I did I would hold them under until the bubbles stop."

I did have a student who sent me a message today: JW is in Physics I at OU and he said "You really taught me how to properly view these problems and now its a breeze!!!! Just thought you should know you did an awesome job man!"

Just let it go Bowie, let it go.

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