05 March 2009

An incredibly busy week

Mishelleyb and I have been quite busy this week.  We are the class sponsors of the sophomore class at SNU. That means we really just work with the class council to manage and plan the events for which our class is responsible. Its not a big deal unless (like us) you have to plan a totally new event from scratch which just happens to coincide with a band concert on the same weekend in the same venue.  This makes setup and rehearsal almost impossible. So this weekend is our event. It is called "who's the Man" and will be held in Herrick Auditorium at 1930 on Saturday night. We are excited about what it will look like, but its gonna be crazy for the next day or two. If we can make it to midnight on Saturday, we will be okay.

Maybe by then, my headache will go away.

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