11 December 2009


I suppose its not really doubt as much as it is rethinking and reevaluating why I blog. You know, what's the point? Do I aspire to be someone like @BadAstronomer? Or @wesfryer? Or even @pursuingtruth? These guys all blog for different reasons and I'm sure they receive some benefits that are intrinsic to blogging. I guess what I am trying to say is this: "Is there any intrinsic benefit to blogging?"

This post is really a reminder to myself that there is a reason putting thoughts in my head down into the keyboard, which really means into the blogosphere. Its a big world out there and there a lots of people with a lot (and nothing) to say. I think most of the time I fall into the latter category and less into the former. I started blogging for me. In fact, I've been asked recently about the feasibility of adding an online component (particularly blogging) to the graduate program in which I am involved. An email I wrote today just talked about the fact that I am becoming more and more of a believer in journaling, which I realize is nothing new to many of you. That's really the reason I decided to do this. It wasn't to gain a large following (I'm saying this as I have, in the last 30 minutes, invited about 50 people to follow my blog through Facebook). I didn't do it to effect a major change on the educational system as some people are doing with the voices of their blogs. I certainly didn't do it to make any money. Good Lord. I'm a public school teacher. I don't do anything for the money.

On the other hand, part of journaling is going back and looking at what I have written in the past. Its about reflecting on what I've done in the past and how I have grown/changed/been affected. But, when is the last time I did that? Just last week, I was posting parts of my research paper here expecting you guys to reflect on it for me! Okay Bowie! You are totally missing the point!

I think its time to go back and read what I've written in the past. How have I grown? How have I changed? What am I doing (if anything) different than I was then? What did I say I'd do differently the next time I taught a lesson? If I'm not doing that, I'm definitely blogging for the wrong reasons.

Why do you blog? Why do you tweet? Is it because you want to be heard? Or is it because you want to look revisit a picture from the past? Either way, I'd love to hear your comments. After all, its supposed to be a two-way conversation even if its just me talking to myself!

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