29 March 2010

Classroom Arrangement

I admit it: I am very anal-retentive when it comes to how my classroom is arranged. I really like for my rows to be straight. I even go so far as to line them up on a particular tile line on the floor. However, I have also learned that I can let students rearrange once class has started. Early on, I let students know that I like for my classroom to be left a certain way. While they are in the classroom learning, rearrangement is fine. I just need them to do little things like put books away where they belong and pick up their trash. Would I love for them to sit in nice neat rows facing the front? Sure! Is that what I require? No. I have learned to give a little to get a little. Good classroom management is all about compromise and this demonstrates how I am learning to compromise with my students.

What about you? Do you have a particular way you want your classroom arranged? Or do you just let students sit any which way? Do you have something other than the traditional desk for students to occupy?

This is an excerpt from my final assessment piece for my Classroom Management class. I am to address my theory of classroom management and incorporate as much of what we have discussed as possible into the paper. One of those areas of discussion was classroom arrangement. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Its a struggle for me but I am learning. I have a lot to learn about education contrary to what some may believe about me. I'm sure that's because of what I write here. I guess I sound a little holier-than-thou. Oh well. You don't HAVE to read! ;-)

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