12 April 2010

my classroom

Today I was really inspired by the ease with which I think I would be able to teach a class completely online, using only the tools I have at my disposal now. I could use googledocs (and I already do) for tests. That's easy. It could also be used to share presentations such as notes and do it collaboratively using the "view together" option. In the view together option, there is also an IM option in which there could be synchronous discussion during the presentation. There's also another option, tokbox.com, a program in which you can video-chat with up to 20 people and only one person needs to be logged in. Everyone else simply goes to a link. In TokBox you can share slideshows. I have also done a screen share in google video-chat, but I think I can only do that with one person. So far, I've been thinking synchronously, but with the option of asynchronous discussions (discussion board) the possibilities are endless). Screentoaster.com shares your screen at the leisure of the watcher. Problems being worked on the board could be solved using screentoaster with a voice over as to what is being done.

I think I want to develop a class about how to teach using web 2.o tools. That way, I could organize all of my thoughts into one place. At the risk of spending an hour writing a blog post, I'm going to stop now and move on to what I really NEED to do instead of dreaming about what I WANT to do.  If you have thoughts about using only web 2.0 tools to teach your class, specifically social media, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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