16 September 2010

Final thoughts on Reading Comprehension

Do you ever have those days when things just seem to come together? The pieces slowly work themselves into place and its almost like putting a pair glasses on; you can step back and see the world clearly for the time. That is what the last two modules of my Master's program have been for me.

Assessment began to put things into place. I felt like I was finally learning how to truly assess student learning. Reading comprehension continued the trend. (maybe I should have been graphing my learning and really analyzed it with a trend line?) I found out that a lot of things I was already doing, like having students take text and put it into a chart, are great reading strategies. Little did I know! Anyway, there were so many strategies in the class that I was able to bring directly into my classroom, many as soon as the day after I had class, that are helping students interact with text in a meaningful way.

We are at a point in the program when I am ready for it to be over. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm not enjoying it, I'm just ready for the act of going to school to be done. Teaching a night or two a week and going to school one night a week makes my relaxing time more meaningful, but it makes exercising on a routine.

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