02 January 2011

2010 in review, part 2

As we were driving home yesterday, I realized that all of the things I talked about in my previous post didn't include one of my favorites (and possibly the one that is impacting my career decisions the most): teaching at the University level. I've had the opportunity to teach adults and will start my first actual traditional college class in about 2 weeks.

I have been teaching Earth's Natural Disasters in SNU's degree completion program, one session in Tulsa and one session in Bethany. The Tulsa class was a good primer with 6 people. I really got going though with the Bethany class which had 28 students. I've learned that higher ed is quite interesting because it's so easy to have a classroom discussion.

I'm a bit nervous about the commitment to a semester long adventure (the Bridge classes were 5 weeks long), but I'm sure we'll all survive. I am excited about the freedom I will have in the class, but the thought of a 4 hour per week class for a whole semester is a bit daunting.

2 weeks until class, I can't wait!

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