23 January 2011

on a more personal note

I don't share a ton of personal life stuff here, so if you aren't interested, stop reading now.

I spent time last night at the wedding of a great couple, Matt and Kenzie. Honestly, since I married @mishelleyb, I haven't been to many weddings. So, while Kenzie's grandfather was performing the ceremony, I really listened to what he had to say. I found the vows spoken last night taking on a new meaning for me. It was as if I was hearing them for the first time.

I'm a bit more "mature" now than I was 20 years ago (Dec. 21, 1990) when I stood up in front of my friends and family and said "I do" with the coolest girl, best teacher, most amazing person there is on this Earth. Back then, all I could do was stare at how beautiful she was (and still is!) and think about how "great" life with her was gonna be. I had no idea.

I wasn't really listening to what the preacher was saying. (Isn't that always the way when you enter into some kind of contract? We never read the fine print!) However, life has been much more amazing than I could have realized. Sure, there have been hard times. But the good far outweigh the difficult.

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