22 June 2011

360 Degree Leader, Part 3

I only have 2 more sections, so don't worry, this is almost over. Its a great book and I highly recommend the read, whether you are a teacher, pastor, account executive, or whatever!

Section 3, “The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Up,” impacted me the most, because I could see how I was already doing what I was supposed to be doing. It is funny because most of these strategies are accomplished through my interest in technology and reflection, two of my “soap-boxes”.

I am supposed to “lighten my leader’s load, be willing to do what others won’t, and become a go-to player”. When I see something needing done, why go ask to see if I should do it? I would rather just get in and do the job. This year I implemented the use of Google Calendar for scheduling the computer labs in our building. This lightened the load for one of my leaders because she did not have to worry about it. It also was a job no one else wanted to do but needed to be done. Additionally, it made other teachers begin to come ask questions about integrating calendars either on their phones or websites.

This idea goes right along with my work ethic. If there is something needing to be done, I would rather just do it instead of waiting on someone else to do it. This is especially true when it will streamline a process. I tend to be an “ask forgiveness” instead of “ask permission” kind of guy. The risk involved here is finding yourself in a place where you do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done you have committed to do. Once you start doing a job, then it becomes an expectation.

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