22 January 2015

Google Summit

I registered for a Google Summit, which is happening in February, here in Oklahoma City. These events are held world-wide and one is coming to Oklahoma City??

Additionally, I submitted two different presentations. Here is the information for the first one and the second one. I have given the "Google Apps will Change Your Life" on many previous occasions, so I have many resources for that one. However, the "Use Google Scripts without being a Coding Expert" will be more of a challenge. I have only been using the program for about six months and am fairly new to programming. I will definitely learn something while I get ready for it, though. I usually do.

I will have to gather a significant number of resources for programming, such as stackoverflow.com, codecademy.com, and w3schools.com. I use those resources a lot when I am working on Javascript and they have helped me tremendously in the last several months.

I will also get to attend a bootcamp specifically for trainers of Google Apps. Here's what the website says about it:

Google Educator Trainer (GET) Train the Trainer (T3) Bootcamp serves two purposes: to raise awareness about how Google tools can be used in education to; ignite inquiry, promote collaboration, and allow for authentic publishing and sharing, (with students and among colleagues), and to prepare participants to pass the Google Educator Test and submit their certification application.
Become a Google Educator to be recognized for your mastery. Each session includes an interactive overview, top tips from the Google Educator Training Center, hands-on activities, and inspiring ideas for how to use Google for teaching, learning, and professional collaboration. The activities are flexible, designed to help new users quickly understand the "core magic" of each app - and to challenge veteran users by revealing features and innovative uses they never imagined. The experience is grounded in Google culture, complete with high-energy fast-paced demonstrations and challenging activities that can truly be called "hard fun." There is no better preparation for teaching and learning with Google Apps - or for passing the Google Educator tests.
So if you are reading this and need a trainer to consult with your district about integrating Google Apps for Education, consider contacting me and letting me work with you!

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