12 January 2015

I love my job

While I try to remain positive in the face of negative circumstances, it sure is a lot easier to keep a positive outlook when you love coming to work each day.

I was thinking about my job this morning when I came in this morning and I thought I'd make a list of the things I enjoy about this job versus other I have had.

Here are my thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. I feel fairly confident that this job will be a long-term gig. There is certainly a need for this position and the administration recognizes that need. 
  2. It is fun. The people I work with enjoy having fun and we all have a pretty good rapport with one another. 
  3. I am challenged. I have had the opportunity to try some new things. I'm getting a basic understanding of Javascript and I have formed a niche which will (hopefully) help keep me as a valuable resource to the campus.
  4. I feel valued. I regularly get positive feedback from the administrators and faculty on the projects on which I am currently working.
  5. I can see some change in methods being used by the faculty. The faculty I have been working with are implementing the suggestions I have given them. They like the changes and the students are responding positively, as well. 

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