06 June 2007

Feeling like a teacher

Syllabus. Just one word. What could be hard about it? It sounds so easy. In reality, it is actually quite difficult. I just have to write a syllabus, probably just 3 or 4 pages long that will outline my entire year. Well, actually just half of the year. We are on block scheduling, so I get to start over at the half way point. It's like having 2 first years. Awesome! So anyway, how do I write this thing when I don't even know for sure what I am supposed to cover in the course? Here's the problem: there are two sections of AP Physics C, mechanics and electricity/magnetism. The college board recommends that block scheduled classes only cover one section per semester. I can't get an answer from my people. So what do I include in the syllabus?

I think it is time to make a command decision and go forward with only C-mechanics. That way, if I can cover more, I will. If I cannot, I won't. I think in reality the way it will happen is pre-AP will be the mechanics and AP will be the electricity/magnetism. Regular physics will simply be a Physics B course. I guess I will be teaching 3 AP classes, not regular, pre, and AP. It is indeed a daunting task. Am I up to the challenge? I'm not sure, I simply have to do the best I can and hope for success. I know I won't live up to my expectations, so I will constantly be pushing myself towards better and better results.

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