18 June 2007

MTPE Day 4

Yes, I know, it's Sunday and I should be in church, but at about 10 am this morning, we went to the big field next to the Lloyd Noble center and launched some model rockets. These were A, B, and C engines. The very first one we shot off went on top of Lloyd Noble! It was awesome. This will become a part of my classroom, but probably only in the 1/2 A or A engine size. That could be done in a small area like a part of Dolese Park. I also plan to use fizz rockets, but only in the two stage mode. That should be a blast. Especially with minimal instruction.

Today was great because I got a lot of great ideas for things to do in the classroom. It was also difficult because I didn't get back to the hotel until after 10 o'clock, not to mention the fact that in some of the material given to us at the Omniplex the math was WRONG! Now when someone is giving you stuff for free, do you start pointing out things that are wrong with it? So now, I have to tell all of the teachers in my class that there is a problem with the math on the sheets we were given. Leave it to Jody to be the arse who has to be sure every thing is right...

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