12 February 2009

I have been reinvigorated!

So I have been inspired this week. I feel as if a breath of fresh air has been breathed into my attitude. I was really struggling over the last month or so. While I was doing okay in class, I had been putting a lot of stress on myself to do better. I didn't feel like I was accomplishing much; but one day off at a technology conference was all I needed.

I heard a great speaker, about educational technology, named Will Richardson who really made a difference in how I was feeling about the current educational climate. It was very nearly a religious experience for me.  I learned about new products offered for educational technology and I heard a phrase for the first time. I am almost embarrassed to say this...21st century skills. Honestly, I haven't been a reader of educational blogs. Ever. Now I have seen that word more often than I care to admit. I even talked to the English Teacher about it. She said, "Yes, that is what you guys (the high school teachers) are supposed to be teaching them before they get to us (the college community)." I guess that goes to show how little she and I talk about technology in the classroom. I mean she helps me with writing assignments, critical thinking activities, and she is a great resource for online activities; but we don't specifically talk about 21st century skills. I guess its just never come up in conversation.

It has been a tiring, exciting, exhausting, exhilarating week. While I am glad its over, I hope to have many more like. Look out Oklahoma legislators, here I come!

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