26 February 2009

What did the students say about using technology

I read earlier this week, on Will Richardson's blog, about Sara Bernard's call for students to give advice to teachers on how to integrate technology more fully into their classrooms.  What she wanted was for them to send her an email.  I didn't ask my kids to send her an email, although I will send one, but what i did do was ask them to tell me what they would like to see in our classroom concering using technology.  I got some good information from my students.  I like to think physics is the one class in which you cannot help but use technology.

Here were some of the responses I got:

"I think every teacher should have a smartboard".

"One of my teachers had us create a facebook profile about one of the characters in a story we had read, maybe you could do that with a physicist".

"Post all of your notes online so if someone was absent, they would not be very far behind". (this is a common practice in my classroom, so maybe they thought it needed to be reiterated?)

"Use a webcam to record lecture along with ppt capture software which could then be posted online. Students tend to miss out on some interactive parts of the lecture when they just look at the powerpoint". This would be great using some type of camtasia type software, or maybe one of the Adobe gizmos that have this capability.

And finally, "Make some type of video project and post it to YouTube."  This has been done in my class to a very limited extent.  I have some amazing kids in this class who are great videographers.  I have already talked to my lead video guy about an introduction to our classroom wiki that will be done and posted online within about two weeks.  I have also been watching a show on Adult Swim called "Look Around You" which is a humorous science spoof show.  I am considering having my AP class do this project where we make a "Look Around You" about physics.  I think it will be awesome.

There just are not enough days in the school year to do everything I want to do with my classes.  Maybe that year round school is looking better and better every day.

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