08 November 2009

off topic sunday

We have a new feature coming to the Science Classroom: we are going to call it off-topic Sunday. Its a bit like open mic night at a club, but I am the one choosing the topic. If I ever have a guest blogger, say maybe a student or a colleague, then they will choose the topic. I see it as a way to make the blog more interesting and to encourage reader participation. If you are interested in writing, let me know and we will work something out.
Today's topic? I am considering something like "HIgh-School Pranks, How far is too far?" But since I'm still aggravated, I will resist the urge to get preach that one. I felt like maybe some lighter fare like "Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year".

I've been thinking a lot lately about the upcoming holidays (mostly since I don't want to do my homework, but that's a completely different topic) and I have decided the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year.
Don't get me wrong, I love Summer. The pool, the Sun, riding my motorcycle and all of the other Summer activities. I love Spring, also. The renewal of the Earth, everything is in bloom, warmer weather, I can stop running the heater in the house. All of those things are great! But none compares to the changing leaves, the crisp, cool mornings, the prospect of seeing family and friends who only get together once a year, both at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I truly enjoy this time of year, particularly November and December. It just doesn't get much better.

Maybe its the anticipation. It could be that I like thinking about seeing everyone better than I like seeing them. I usually get stressed out when there is a houseful. Kids running everywhere, I don't get to control the remote for the television, people's stuff packed into every spare inch of the house. So maybe, just maybe, its not that I like Thanksgiving and Christmas as much as I like the anticipation of it. Either way, its my favorite time of year. It elicits feelings in me of hope, optimism, and joy. No other time of year does that for me. It borders on indescribable. I almost can't put it into words. Bottom line, I love the food, but mostly

[caption id="attachment_217" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image courtesy of creativecommons.org"]Image courtesy of creativecommons.org[/caption]

I love the fellowship. Whether its family or friends, I truly enjoy being around people. My wife and I value family above all else. We don't always show that with our actions (for those of you who are my family) but we really do.

If you also enjoy this time of year (or even if you don't), be sure you make it the best. It may be your last with someone. @mishellyb said something the other week which sounds like a great mantra for life: "Live life with no fear or regret". I would hate to wake up one day next year and know I hadn't made the best of the holidays this year.

Thanks for reading.

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