27 November 2009

Thanksgiving fare at the Bowie's

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite holiday. Mostly because of the food. And the family. We tend to do things our own way around the house, since we aren't your typical Oklahoma, midwestern family. Yesterday morning, I got up pretty early and fried two turkeys. One of them was to take to Granny Jones' house, but the other one, was to keep a secret and remain here at home. You see, it had a secret ingredient. I'm trying to figure out something to have that's different than anyone else and I just may have found it. I (along with the help of my brother-in-law named it the Red Dirt Cajun Fried Turkey. Its very spicy. And very good (if I do say so myself).

I have also figured out what to do with the bones from a fried turkey: make gumbo. This dish is something I am capable of doing fairly well, if my guests are to be believed. Normally, I boil a whole chicken and use the stock from it to make the gumbo. However, @mishelleyb recommended we boil the bones of the turkeys and use that as the stock. I thought, why not? Oh yeah! It was excellent. Instead of boning and entire chicken, I just used some frozen chicken breasts with the turkey broth. Oh, did I mention there was a lot of skin on the bones which gave up all of their delicious flavor? Oh yes. They took one for the team. I've never made gumbo that I haven't added some seasoning. Well, that's no longer true after today.

Anyway, I was trying to find one good recipe and got two! What a bonus! So, when you want some "Red Dirt Backyard Gumbo" or a "Red Dirt Cajun Fried Turkey", drop me a line.

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