05 November 2009

Teaching the teachers

Today I got an opportunity I always enjoy: I got to teach the teachers. I had a chance today to help some teachers set up their webpages through the technology department in our district. This was the first time I had taught this class to strangers. I did it once in my building, with teachers I know, but strangers are a totally different story. It went pretty well I think. Each of the teachers told me how much they appreciated me "taking the time to teach them". Truly, it was a pleasure. They always are.

I was supposed to be meeting with other teachers about a move towards digital courses in our classrooms; however, I got double booked and had to keep my priorities straight. The teachers won out.

I am tempted to continue boring you with the mundane activities of my life, but I will resist. Thanks for reading. Its amazing how little I have to say when I start writing everyday.

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