30 October 2014

Celebrating Success Part 2

I'm working on some positive self-speak so that I continue the trend of feeling better about the things that I am able to accomplish. So here we go:

As I have mentioned before, I am working to integrate scripts into my use of Google Docs. Today, I am going to share my transportation form.

We created a transportation form which is used by instructors. The instructor fills out the form, which emails their supervisor as soon as they submit. The email contains a link for their supervisor which takes them to the spreadsheet containing the responses from the form.

That spreadsheet contains a custom menu for administrators. The admin clicks on the row containing the request and selects "approve" from the custom menu. That, in turn, emails the campus supervisor AND creates an event on the calendar. The coolest part is that if the instructor chooses a bus, it makes the event on the bus calendar. If they need a van, it creates it on the van calendar. Additionally, if they need a van, it emails the person who coordinates the vans. However, she only gets emails if a van is needed.

I am quite excited about the way I could customize this form to do some very specific things. It took me quite a few days to get it just the way I wanted, but now it works quite well.

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