28 October 2014


Today I spent all day in a training. I'm going to be a sysadmin on our new Student Information System. They were training Business and Industry people today from our district. That means that while the training wasn't specific to me, I got to hear a lot of how the campus is set up, the type of questions I will likely be getting, and think about tables, databases, and reports. Sounds like fun, right? I know, it isn't fun to everyone, but it sure is to me! 

I was multitasking, meaning listening and working on some other things at the same time. I got two proposals entered to present at the Google Apps for Education Summit, which is happening in Oklahoma City in February 2015. I'm pretty excited about it since these summits usually happen in much more exotic locations, like Singapore, South Korea, India, Thailand, & the UK, just to name a few.

As a part of that summit, I'll be attending a pre-conference workshop which will allow me to begin the journey of becoming a Google Apps for Education Trainer. At this moment, there are no Google Certified Trainers in Oklahoma. I expect that this will change after this summit, but right now if you wanted Google training, you'd have to know someone or call someone from Texas to come up. I've done a little Google Apps training when I was still a teacher, but I wasn't certified by Google. I've learned so much in the interim. 

More learning. More certifications. More ability to help and serve others. Those are my goals.

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