08 December 2008

A day off

Here it is Monday and I am playing hooky. I am supposed to be grading, but as usual, I am procrastinating. I thought blogging would be just as beneficial. Seriously, I have a mountain of papers staring at me as I sit in MishellyB's office listening to some John Butler Trio on XM. I took the day off for a couple of reasons, but at least I took a personal day and didn't fake it with a sick day.
I am going to work on these papers after 11 because I am going to hear a presentation about "Grand Canyon, Great Flood or Billions of years of Geology?" That may not be the exact title, but basically it is given by one of my previous (not old) professors. He went to the Grand Canyon this summer on an excursion with a group who looks at the evidence presented by the canyon either for or against a creationist view (Earth is
My other reason to skip class today is to get caught up on grading. I am giving a test today and I haven't even graded the last test! The cardinal sin of teaching as far as I am concerned! I will get it done one way or the other. I also have to get ready for the rest of the week of class. We are moving on to Waves (an appropriate continuation of energy) in Physics; and I think we are going to spend the final two weeks of class in Physical Science exploring Waves, but more specifically Earthquakes and planetary geology. Maybe a little space thrown in just for fun!
So, enough with the putting it off. Get out the red pen (just kidding) and let's get to it!

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