04 December 2008

Nearing the end of another semester

Here we are getting close to the end of a semester. Wow. Has this been the most challenging time so far or what?

My physical science class has been a real P.I.M.A. I have struggled a lot with my classroom management strategies. As Michelle has pointed out, I have had a hard time staying out of "their drama". I sometimes get sucked in when the students decide to act out. Many of my troublemakers have actually been weeded out. I have written more referrals this semester than I ever have. I have gone completely electronic with discipline so it makes it really easy to look back and reflect on what I have done so far. Unfortunately, I have probably been too lenient in my write-ups. I should have written more, but it is what it is and its done. So there you go.

It has been a busy semester. I have worked on picking up my game as far as technology goes and I think I have paid it forward by getting a smartboard today! Woo-hoo! Pretty darn exciting. I got no grading done on plan since I was setting that up and playing with it!

I am thrilled at the new opportunities that await me next semester. While I will miss my physics students, I will get some new ones and get some old ones back in my AP class. I am really looking forward to a chance to get my passing rate up on the AP test!

More soon when I get a chance.

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