12 December 2008

The end of week 17

It's Friday morning and I couldn't be happier. I have been sitting here thinking about exactly what to do concerning a request from my school district. In Oklahoma, we have "Superintendent's Technology Day at the Captiol". My district has asked if there is something I could showcase which shows how I use technology in my classroom. I have some thoughts, but I was looking at last years presenters and I don't know that I can even be in the same "class" with these people. There is an elementary school in Pershing that makes a news cast everyday! How in the world do I compete with that? I don't want to go and look like some kind of 'Johnny come lately".
I just saw a commercial on tv for Burger King in which the "Whopper Virgins" appear to overwhelmingly choose the Whopper. I see some serious flaws in the design of their experiment and in the methodology with which they present the results. I think I am going to challenge my students today and see if they can recognize these same flaws or even catch something I missed. Part of what I do in my Physics classes is to try to get students to become better critical thinking. What better way to accomplish that task than to use a medium in which they "partake" everyday?

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