06 December 2008

Week 7

This week has really flown by. That could be due to the fact that many of my students who tend to be discipline problems, are either suspended, awaiting long term suspension decisions, or simply have not been coming to class.

I had some collateral duties yesterday in the form of supervising students during a holiday assembly. I actually had to refer a student to the office because he wouldn't be quiet while the band was playing. I was about to get the chance to talk to his dad on the phone (the student's cell phone) but a vice principal got the student and took him on to the office. Another student was "claiming her set" with another student from a different set when they noticed I was watching them. I simply said "that has no place here at school" and was going to let it go; she decided to take it a step further by standing up and notifying everyone on the other side of the gym with who she is affiliated by making some not so discreet gestures to anyone who cared to notice. So, bottom line, everyday is an adventure in the science classroom (or even outside of it)!

We also took our first loss of the season in basketball; it just so happened that it was the first game of the regular season, too. We lost to one of our rich, northern rivals in a devastating loss in overtime. We ended with a final score of 60-62. Needless to say, the bus ride home with the Pirate Line (a student spirit team) was a bit quiet.

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