25 January 2007

Day 3 at Cooper

Today was difficult. I actually was in front of the class for a little bit. Things went along rather smoothly in 2nd hour, but 5th hour is one I would like to get back and do over. The problem is that there are no "do overs" in teaching. Yes, I know, every day is a new day, but you can never take the day before back. I just have to keep moving and learn from my mistakes. I thought discipline would come easy to me, but it really does not. I let myself get sucked in to the "responding to every little thing they say" problem today. I constantly have to remind myself that is not necessary. I could do that on the bus, but there was no learning going on during the ride home! That's the difference! I can easily forget that.
Lord, give me the strength to go back into the classroom tomorrow. Help me to realize there are no second chances, but there is always another day. Jesus please help me to learn from my mistakes and not to fall into the same trap every day. Thank you for your love in my life and the way you are always there. It's nice to have someone to listen to me, even when I am not having a great day. Amen!
It's good talk about the good days, but it's probably more important to talk about the bad. This is my chosen profession and I need to learn all I can from my cooperating teacher, even if I disagree with her methods and content delivery. I must remind myself that I don't know it all, I really don't even know anything. This is as much a learning experience for me as it is for the kids.

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