09 January 2007

Student Teaching coming up soon!

In the next few weeks I will begin the journey known as student teaching. I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Now you may wonder...why would he be terrified AND excited? Well I have taught on a limited basis so the nervousness of getting up in front of a group is pretty much gone. However, I am still concerned about my subject area knowledge. I mean what if I get up and tell them the wrong thing? What if I teach them wrong information? Now I know, you may be saying "Well, everyone is nervous about that their first year." So! I don't care about anyone else! I only am concerned with MY feelings right now. As I get into this adventure and start learning exactly HOW to teach, I will share some of my experiences and feelings here. Maybe someone who is getting ready to go through the same things I am going through now will be able to learn something from this little view into my life.

If you are encouraged, or disagree, or like something I say, or just want to say hello, please feel free to comment on anything I have said or made you think about.
Image courtesy of Jens Hackmann, see the original here

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