17 January 2007

Some reflective thoughts

Today, I had a second interview in a study on "Religion and Evolution: How do I, as a Christian, let the two live together in my brain?" Basically, my advisor is working on his PhD. and is interviewing people to find out about their views on God and Science. Sounds right up my alley, right? Well, sort of it is, but I don't consider myself a biologist, so it's not. I do however consider myself interested in cosmology, so it is. I won't go into my views right now, but suffice to say the first interview of the study was difficult. Winslow asked me some very pointed questions about my life and people who have influenced the person that I am. Well, those people don't all have a great relationship with me or persons of my immediate family and it was hard to talk about those relationships. The great thing was that it was very therapeutic for me. I felt totally free to talk with him because there was a certain sense of confidentiality to all of it. (and here I am airing my dirty laundry on the web!). Anyway, it was like going to counseling and talking to someone who just let me talk. He didn't pass judgement on me (I do that well enough myself), nor did he let on if he thought I was wrong about a particular relationship; he simply listened and let me ramble. I never knew just how great something like that could feel. It was like I had open the innermost parts of my soul and let someone see inside for a minute or two (more like three hours). I talked about things I haven't spoken of or thought about in years. I learned as much about myself as the interviewer did.

So all of that to say, "if you have issues in your life that you have repressed for a while, you would be surprised to find that it might be a good thing to talk about those things with someone". It worked for me!

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