16 January 2007


Wow, what a day. We looked at this, looked at that, had stuff read to us. (don't they know we can read?) I have only been in seminar for one day and already I can't wait for it to be over. I am, in some ways, ready to go ahead and get on to the classroom so I can begin to learn how to be a teacher. I found out that I will NOT be at the same middle school with my children, but will instead be at the one I requested, where by bus kids are. I am so thankful to be going there. I love the kids from Lyrewood Lane that I used to drive on the bus. They have their bad days, but then so do I. We have established some good really good relationships and I feel obligated to spend some time away from the bus with them. How else can I possibly do that without student teaching? I suppose there are some ways, but this is certainly a convenient way to get to know them better. Who knows? I may actually teach some of these kids in high school...

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