29 January 2007

Day 4 and 5

Things seem to have settled down a little bit in the classroom. Maybe it's a day to day thing. I found that the students were much more amicable in class today. There is an interesting dynamic in the classroom, between the teacher and the students. I am learning, slowly (due to my innate thick-headedness) that maybe things are the way they are because the teacher has been with these kids for 5 months. I've only been there a few days. I need to be the one to back off and see where I can fit into the situation, instead of trying to make the situation fit me.
I have to see what strategies there are already in place in the classroom that I can adopt to fit where I see the class going. I realize, finally, that I cannot come in and "wreck shop" on these kids. I have to assimilate into the classroom, within the parameters already set up by the current teacher. That may actually be more difficult than having my own classroom. These kids are with this teacher until the end of the year; I am only around until spring break.
Relationships. I have to go back to that. I have adapted this one word as my philosophy of education. If I forget that, I am in big trouble. So, all of that to say this: I have to back off, reassess the situation and see where I can fit in. Without that, I will probably be without a good recommendation, without any knowledge gained from the experience, and at a loss when it comes to taking over the class. It's hard to put the brakes on and back up, but if you are not careful, you might just go over the edge.

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