08 January 2007

How small are we?

Do you ever feel really insignificant? I do. I am going out with the telescope tonight. Anytime I do that I get the sense that I am a very minor part in the universe. It is so expansive and huge. Even the scale of the solar system boggles my mind, no less the vastness of the universe. It never ceases to amaze me that God, with all He has to do (i.e. take care of the entire everything) has time to care at all about what I am "bothering" Him with. He can take time out away from running the cosmos to listen to me ask for help with my problems. More than that, I am amazed at how He lives within my praise to Him. I am only one person (of billions), on one planet (of possibly millions of billions), in one solar system (among billions), in one galaxy... well you get the picture. I heard a statistic once that there are about 200 billion galaxies, in which there are about 200 billion stars (read possible solar systems here) in each one of those galaxies. Each one of those stars could have numerous planets and each planet could have a civilization on it. God must be really big to be able to take care of all of those possible people at once. It simply reinforces the belief that God is bigger than all of my problems and shortcomings. Pretty amazing...

photo courtesy of apod

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